Napa Valley Marina Dry Boat Storage



20' to 35'   $150.00 per mo.
36' to 44'   $4.25 per ft. per mo.
45 & Up     $5.00 per ft. per mo.


$8.50 per ft. per mo.

Napa Valley Marina is the exclusive Northern California distributor for Brownell boat stands


Power & Sail.   Monohulls & Multihulls

(Non-Work area)

Leaving the country? Moving out of the state? Taking on a temporary job out of the area? Getting a divorce? Health issues? Looking for a cheaper alternative? All good reasons to dry store your vessel. We think all boats belong in the water but sometimes life gets in the way. Reasons beyond your control sometimes dictate a change.

We carefully haul you on our Brownell hydraulic trailer. No Straps! We block you up and put you on jack stands supplied by us. We treat your boat like it is one of ours and all we ask in return is to follow our rules. You cannot work on your vessel if you are in a designated non-work area. You cannot live on your boat in the designated non-work area.

We have some of the best weather for drying out your boat so if you have osmotic blisters, this is the place to come. We've seen some boats take several months for the moisture content to reach acceptable limits. When it does, we move you to the work area where you have an opportunity to do your own work or hire one of our professionals.