The History of Napa Valley Marina


Our Story…

Back in the 50's, our family enjoyed fishing and hunting and anything outdoors. We enjoyed everything that the Napa River had to offer. Our family thought the Napa River offered a great opportunity to bring what we enjoyed to other people with similar passions. We surveyed areas on the river that we thought were suitable to build a marina. We actually purchased a few parcels which we later discovered were not suitable to build a marina to the scale we dreamed about. We finally settled on a 35 acre parcel on Milton Road which would become the center of the universe for our family for the next several years. Brothers, Albert and Larry Giovannoni began their journey to carve out their legacy for the next several years. They had a vision with the size and scope of their plan that few could understand until its completion. To keep their dream alive, they had to have some kind of sustainable income. Albert was in the produce business and Larry was in the grocery business. That helped pay the bills and keep the marina dream moving. They worked tirelessly putting in 16 hour days digging and digging and digging until a hole big enough and wide enough to accommodate future boaters was created.


Sixty two years later…

The next generation of Giovannoni’s , Tom and Dan are still hard at it doing whatever needs to be done. Dredging, digging, building, hauling boats, designing, always looking to improve the marina and boatyard so they can stay relevant and competitive in an ever changing market.